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Every database has Its own tools for db admins and developers, to make their job easier. But these tools are not the first prior project of the database producers' so, these are being developed to make database admin's job comfortable and support the preferred platforms for that database.

There are also third party softwares besides database producers. But these softwares' source code is not open, and they aim to do something for most common databases, which have big market portion.

During a database application develeopment cycle, preparing design, doing development and providing support, just with just one tool is a great convenience for db developers and admins.

IDE4DB project's target is, to build a solution to these problems with a platform independent, database independent, free and open source tool.



For database and platform independency, Java technologies and NetBeans platform will be used.


Project Goals

Libraries will be developed, which could be used with other apps, to make database operations easier.
Command line apps will be developed, to be used with ANT and suchlike tools. Especially apps will be prepared, which are needed for batch database operations (i.e. DBDiff, DBCopy, I-SQL)
An IDE will be developed to make both database developers' and administrators' job eaiser and comfortable. Via this IDE, database design, development and administration operations would be done. NetBeans platform is planning to be used for the IDE..